“ShinMaywa US-2: The Most exрeпѕіⱱe Seaplane Ever Manufactured”


Japan Maritime Self Defense Force ShinMaywa US-2 in flight—USMC image

After the end of WW II Japan’s famous aircraft manufacturer of flying boats, Kawanishi, evolved first into Shin Meiwa and then into Shin Maywa.  Kawanishi designed and built the H6K 九七式大型飛行艇 “Mavis” and the H8K 二式大型飛行艇 “Emily” with the Emily being one of the best flying boats during WW II. As Shin Meiwa, the Grumman Albatross design was improved into the US-1 and US-1A (amphibian version). The US-1 design was powered by four engines with a fifth engine on board to power a boundary layer control system which forces air over the  flaps and elevators to generate more lift by reducing turbulence at low airspeeds—making the aircraft an STOL performer. The US-1 was later improved into the US-2.

A pair of Japan Maritime Self Defense Force ShinMaywa US-2 amphibians on the water in Japan—USMC image

A brace of US-2 amphibians of the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force moving along the waters of Japan—USMC image

A ShinMaywa US-2 on final—USMC image

A ShinMaywa US-2 taking off—USMC image

Another view of a JMSDF US-2 departing for a mission—USMC image

The US-2’s four primary turboprop engines plus blown flaps powered by a fifth engine(turbojet) leave an enormous amount of spray during water take offs—USMC image

JMSDF US-2 on approach—USMC image

JMSDF US-2 meets the water—USMC image

JMSDF US-2 taxis up the ramp—USMC image

How personnel can enter or exit the US-2 while afloat—USMC image

Bringing aboard a simulated casualty using a slide and harnesses—USMC image

A JMSDF ShinMaywa US-2 awaiting another mission over the waters of Japan—USMC image