China claims Fujian is the world’s largest conventional aircraft carrier

Chinese media affirmed that the Fujian aircraft carrier built by this country is the largest aircraft carrier using traditional fuel in the world.

The media boasted that the Fujian aircraft carrier possessed impressive features 

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) quoted information from China Central Television (CCTV) emphasizing that the ship has achieved a seemingly impossible technology, which is using an advanced electromagnetic launch system right on a traditionally fueled aircraft carrier.

Until now, this technology was thought to only be applicable on nuclear-powered aircraft carriers because only aircraft carriers of this type could produce enough power to launch aircraft. on the electromagnetic launch system.

Fujian aircraft carrier operating at sea (Photo: CCTV).

“The Fujian is also currently the world’s largest conventional aircraft carrier in terms of displacement. In other words, the larger the displacement of an aircraft carrier, the greater its combat power,” SCMP quoted CCTV as saying in a television program broadcast last weekend.

When the Fujian aircraft carrier was first launched in June 2022, Chinese officials announced that the Fujian ship’s displacement was up to 80,000 tons. This is one of the important indicators related to the transport capacity, range, speed and flexibility of an aircraft carrier. The greater the expansion, the greater the ability to carry more fighter aircraft.

Video of the Fujian aircraft carrier during its first test run (Video: CCTV+).

However, currently, only the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford with a displacement of up to 100,000 tons is equipped with an advanced electromagnetic launch system.

Although the Fujian aircraft carrier uses conventional power, it is also equipped with this modern feature, allowing aircraft, including heavier and more modern ones, to be launched easily from the aircraft carrier.

The complex design of the Fujian aircraft carrier

Sharing on CCTV, military expert Cao Weidong said that the design of the Fujian ship is much more complicated than other nuclear aircraft carriers of the same type because it must ensure enough power supply for all types of equipment on board.

Mr. Cao Weidong also noted that the Fujian aircraft carrier is equipped with the ability to launch hard-wing early warning aircraft using electromagnetic launch tubes. This feature enhances airlift capabilities, radar operations and on-board command capabilities.

The Fujian aircraft carrier while still under construction at Shanghai port, China (Photo: Weibo).

In addition, the electromagnetic launch system also allows fighter jets fully equipped with fuel and ammunition to launch from aircraft carriers, thereby reducing dependence on refueling on aircraft carriers. This flexibility gives aircraft carriers more space to carry additional drones, transport aircraft and electronic warfare aircraft.

Expert Cao Weidong said that the testing process of the Fujian aircraft carrier lasted 2 years and “the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy can build more aircraft carriers, including powered aircraft carriers.” nuclear energy”.

In early June, the Fujian aircraft carrier completed its second test run, after the first 8-day test run in May.