Mil Mi-35P “Phoenix” Attack Helicopter

Russian Helicopters holding company, part of Rostec State Corporation, has launched the serial production of the upgraded Mil Mi-35P “Phoenix” (NATO reporting name: Hind E) attack helicopter at its Rostvertol plant for its first export order. Designed on a base of the Mi-24 (NATO reporting name: Hind) series helicopter inheriting the advantages of that model, including excellent speed, transport-combat capabilities and means of combat survivability improvement.The first serial model completed its type-specific flight tests, receiving confirmation of the declared performance characteristics and implemented changes in its design.

During the tests, taking place on the premises of Rostvertol and the National Helicopter Center Ðœil&Kamov, Mi-35P performed a number of flights using new weapons and onboard equipment. The tests resulted into finalization of the helicopter’s design documentation, confirming the model’s readiness for mass production. Improved performance in combination with the improved flight and navigation systems allow Mi-35P to fly at any time of the day in simple or moderately difficult weather conditions, both under visual and instrument flying rules, in diverse geographical conditions, including over non-landmark terrain. First upgraded Mi-35P demonstrated at the International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2020.

The upgraded Mi-35P is designed for increase of Ground Forces units’ mobility and fire support of Army units on the battlefield. It can provide aerial reconnaissance, search and engagement of armored and unarmored vehicles, enemy’s helicopters in the air day-and-night in various weather conditions. The military helicopter is powered by two ТVЗ-117VМА or VK-2500 engines. Each engine develops a maximum power output of 2,200hp. The engines are designed to support high-altitude missions. The helicopter can fly at a maximum speed of 310km/h. Its operational altitude is 5,400m. The helicopter has a normal range of 460km and can reach a maximum distance of 1,000km with full fuel load.

The Phoenix is equipped with an upgraded target sight system with 3rd generation long-wave matrix thermal imaging, a high-resolution color TV camera and a laser rangefinder. The attack helicopter can be armed with up to eight 9Ðœ114 or 9M120 Ataka-V SACLOS radio-guided anti-tank missiles, up to 80 ‘S-8′ 80mm unguided rockets and 20 ‘S-13′ type 122mm unguided aircraft rockets. The chin-mounted turret can be installed with the twin-barrel GSh-23V 23mm cannon with 450 to 470 rounds of ammunition. The gun can fire 3,400 to 3,600 rounds a minute. The stub wings can carry a range of weapon systems, including anti-tank missiles, rocket pods/gun pods or fuel tanks.